Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Aww... the Yankees. Any one that knows Jarrod knows that he is an avid sports freak. And for those who don’t know him, he LOOVESS sports. His above all favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, but right under them is the New York Yankees, and lucky for him the two teams play at totally different times of the year (mostly) so he doesn’t have to divide his time between the both. (But let me assure you he fills the void of his time when either aren’t playing with various other sports such as Collage Basketball or ultimate fighting. And this year he has decide to like soccer)

So as of late, we have been enjoying the Yankees games. And when I say we I mean Jarrod has been enjoying the games and I enjoy a book while glancing up occasionally to watch Derek Jeter (my favorite) bat. The thing that has been killing me the last few weeks is Alex Rodriguez A.K.A. “A-Rod” (a player on the team for those who don’t know). He’s been in the news lately, and it has to do with Madonna, that’s all I’m going to say about it, (other than posting this cover to one of my favorite magazines) but I just can’t stand him now! I’ve got Belle sitting on my lap as we “BOOOO A-Rod!!”. For those who don’t know why I’m upset you probably wouldn’t care, and for those who do know probably feel the same way. But it has made my obligatory Base-ball watching extremely less enjoyable.

So yes, I’m dedicating a WHOLE post to let the world (or the few that read my blog) know that I BOOOO A-Rod!!!

*sigh* end rant


Amanda MmmBop Hansen said...

Why did I think Madonna was married...I'm so not with it.

Mmm hum...Derek Jeter.

Terésa said...

Madonna IS MARRIED!! Ugh! The whole thing just makes me sick! Jarrod says I just can't boo the Yankees. *rolling eyes*