Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blogging rut.... Forgive me, all...

With a bit of luck, all will be back to some sort of order shortly. A diminutive insight, and reasoning to my neglect:

-We moved... I can’t find anything because of a last-minute problem, causing us to move with utter CHAOS.

-My sister bought me a long awaited book for my birthday that I was unable to put down... Now, this might not be a problem for most of you, but when it comes to reading/writing and then the rest of my life, I have a struggle with priorities. As long as the kids are fed and dressed, and not clawing each others eyes out, I have a book in hand.

-My brother bought me another book... see the pattern here? Ya, I think they are my enablers... (Just kidding... they know I love to read, I shan’t blame them)

-Now unpacking... Now that I’m unpacking, I am also throwing things away so we can keep everything de-cluttered... but I still can’t find anything...Why does my sister live in UTAH??! ;)

-My novel is coming to life... again... for those who didn’t know, I’m making a naive attempt at writing a novel, that always springs to life after a good reading spell. It is fascinating how one’s (at least mine) mind works when writing. I will hear one sentence, or read one line, and suddenly a whole new plot twist unfolds in my mind. I love its stimulating affect it has on the creative part of my intellect.

Last but not least, and probably the most deserving reason...

-Carter’s school has started... Again for those who didn’t know, I home-school Carter, and his school that we do on-line started this week.

O.k., that is my short list rationalization for a lack of presence, intended for those few faithful readers (that I could probably count on one hand). ;) Be forbearing, I shall return with verve!!!


Mariam said...

I missed you, but life is way more important. It is hard to juggle it all, especially when the inspiration hits you. While I don't write, I totally get it. It is like you can't do anything else until you get that thought out.
Good luck, and when you get it done, I WILL read it!

cannwin said...

so how is the book going? I finished it forever ago! ;) I've got an internet connection... if I sit in my doorway. *sigh*

You should email me and we'll have to just keep in touch that way since chatting seems to not be within my reach.