Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Giving Props...

(This post is going to embarrass my modest friend, but I can’t help myself)

My friend Mariam is fabulously creative. Growing up together I, of course, knew this. My memory is not what it used to be, but thinking back on the things that do come easily to mind, her talents have a wide range. Like me, she loves to do ‘crafty’ things, and things with her hands. I remember in Young Women’s she wrote a song for us to sing in Sacrament Meeting (not so ‘crafty’ in the typical sense but CREATIVE, and ‘with her hands’). She painted an aesthetic look on her walls in her room (something done often now, but back then it was before the trend). She quilted Carter a blanket when he was born (which I still have). She blew my flower hair clips out of the water with her own at our ‘unorganized flower swap’ a few weeks ago.

This is only a small demonstration of her talents that leave me in veneration, now she has another to add to the list. She has started to make Wire Jewelry. I’ve seen some of these creations with my own eyes, and I even have a necklace in my possession. Well, she has decided to sell her pretty treasures on-line at a site called Esty for very reasonable prices. Here’s the link to her shop. So, go check it out, and be prepared to have people offer to bye these pieces off your body (an actual occurrence with her work).

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