Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Little Man...

C.J. is growing up right before our eyes. A few months ago I marveled at how he was to my shoulder, now he is above my chin. Sometimes I have to remind myself to not gape, as I see the young man he is unfolding to be. When J-rod and I started dating he would affectionately call C.J. ‘Little Man’. After we got married, C.J. retorted calling J-rod, ‘Big-Daddy’ (those of you who have met J-rod know this to be fitting) But more and more lately has the nick-name ‘Little Man’ become to be most accurate.

Yesterday I heard about a play that our local high school was putting on entitled ‘Our Town’. I never have had the opportunity to see this, and thought it would be fun to go see their dramatic piece while supporting a girl from our ward who was playing a part in it. J-rod isn’t much for ‘fine art’s’, he can be a good sport, unless there is a baseball game on (there was last night) I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce C.J. into some of ‘the arts’, and give Belle and daddy some quality time... a.k.a. get myself out of the house.

So I dragged C.J. to the school auditorium. He was a little apprehensive, not knowing what to expect, but not quite kicking and screaming. (It did help that he saw his neighborhood crush Makena in the foyer before the show) There was one inquiry about the length of the play, an impromptu informative display to our neighbors about the details of ‘Ironman’s’ suit and uniqueness of his weapons during the intermission, and a lot of fidgeting in his seat (understandably for being shorter than the boy in the seat in front of him, and having to move back and forth to see the stage), but I felt for his first high school play he behaved himself quite honorably.

He was quite as we headed to our car, not really talking much as we said goodbye to our friends. This isn’t odd because of his shyness, it was when we got in our car that I was surprised. We chatted for a bit on the ride home, when I detected a break in his voice. He became overcome with emotion at the moral of ‘Our Town’. I thought he was glazed over for most of performance, let alone picking up on the message it was trying to convey.

“It was excellent, Mom. I’m really glad we went”, were his exact words.

The elation a mother’s heart feels at a time such is beyond lexis.


Peay Family said...

Awww, that's so sweet!

Mariam said...

As a witness, C.J. was a wonderful audience member (probably better than me). And, I found the info about Ironman quite informative (it made me look smart to my hubby).
Lizzy will be so proud that C.J. got the moral of the play. I am impressed too. Not many kids could do that.