Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T-T-A Time!

Topic for Tuesday, October 7 - Celebrity Showdown
List your top five favorite celebrities and why you like them. It can be someone from the past, present, or anywhere in between.

I haven’t been very good about my Tuesday-Tell-All, so I made the extra effort to start it early this week (that’s why I’m posting at 10:00 at night). And I’ll admit that the fact that it is about celebrities was a plus. I think it would be easier for me if it was ‘five favorite celebrities to hate’ so I added that one. I could go on about that one for a while. Today’s topic has me thinking... and a little stumped so I got this idea from a fellow blogger at T-T-A because I can’t chose just five!

1. Kathy Griffin. I only like her edited, but I think she is hilarious.
2. Jim Carry. He has done some of the funniest movies- 'Liar, Liar' anyone?
3. Sinbad. I wish he still did standup. He cracks me up, and is always clean.
4. Bill Cosby. I think that one goes without saying.
5. Ellen DeGeneres. She can always crack me up, and she seems to be such a good person.

1. Bruce Willis, because he’s a hottie
2. Sandra Bullock, she is so funny!
3. Will Smith, he seems like a good family man, a rarity in Hollywood.
4. Shia LaBeouf, he is so funny and versatile. I think he is going to be one of the big actors of his time.
5. Johnny Depp, because he’s Johnny Depp.

FIVE FAVORITE CELEBRITIES I LOVE TO HATE (o.k. not ‘hate', but dislike very much, and it was hard to narrow it down to 5!!)
1. Martin Sheen. Good actor, but for other reasons I don’t like him
2. Susan Sarandon. Same as Sheen.
3. Madonna. All around, I don’t care for her
4. Demi Moore. Same as Madonna
5. Last but not least... GEORGE CLOONEY!!

1. George Washington. I’ll admit I have a schoolgirl crush on him after reading ‘George Washington’- pathetic I know.
2. Abigail Adams. I declared to my family just last weekend that when I finish my book I am currently working on (woo hoot NaNoWriMo!!) I’m going to do a historical fiction on Abigail Adams. I think she is so fascinating.
3. Jane Austin. This is a whole other post in its self, but she someone I really look up to. She was very religious, and stood for what she believed... like I said another post.
4. Joseph Smith. I will be forever grateful to his faithfulness, and search for the truth.
5. My savior, Jesus Christ. Again that too goes without saying.


*MARY* said...

I love to hate Clooney too, he's so overrated.

Nathaly said...

Hahaha, "Johnny Depp, because he's Johnny Depp." Exactly.

It's too hard to choose 5, isn't it? You have a beautiful family!

Peay Family said...

George Clooney, really? I guess if I could sell my political soul to the political devil, we could make it work. But he's still hot. :)

Terésa said...

Eww, gag me. You forgot you would only be the flavor of the week. He needs that huge house in Italy to fit his head. ;) I would never let you do such a thing. Friends don’t let friends fall for Clooney.