Tuesday, October 14, 2008

T-T-A Time!

Which reality TV show would you want to be on and why?

Well, I was so excited for this weeks T-T-A topic. One friend wrote she would be on ‘Extreme Home Makeover’, and I had an aunt and cousin that applied for ‘Survivor’, and another cousin who actually appeared on ‘American Idol’.

I think I would like to go on TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear’ because who wouldn’t want $5,000 and to go shopping for a week in NYC? Except then I think of the whole 360* mirror. And as much as I love to watch Stacy and Clinton rip to shreds the fashion offenders, safely from the comfort of my couch in my husbands sweats, I don’t think I’d like them throwing out my LBD (Little Black Dress) that I’ve been holding on to all these years trying to convince myself that ‘I’ll fit in it one day’. So, I think I will stick to what I’m comfortable with... hair.

I love doing hair. All of it, cutting, coloring, styling, and even perming. I love being able to create with my hands, and to change someone’s look in a few short hours, or even minutes. It’s not about me. It’s about the client, to make that person feel like a whole new person, to see the full potential of their hair, and beautifying one being at a time. I love showing women that style and fashion don’t have to take hours to achieve, and a great hairstyle doesn’t mean endless time in front of a mirror. Back to the topic...

For me it would have to be ‘Sheer Genius’ on the Bravo channel. Maybe even ‘Split Ends' on the Style Network, but choosing just one, I would choose ‘Sheer Genius’. Have you seen it? Stylists compete on challenges involving color, cuts, clients’ demands, up do’s, and photo shoots, all to be eliminated down to the top Stylist who wins... Well, I don’t know what the prize is. I’ve never been concerned with the prize. To win would be the prize to me!


Alida Bowles said...

That would be fun to see you on a Reality TV show. I haven't seen the Sheer Genius show. I'm a hair retard. Seriously, I can't even french braid.

For me Hands down...no contest...it would have to be What Not to Wear...I wouldn't even mind being dragged through the coals by Stacey and Clinton. I would love a fashion overhaul (plus you get your hair and makeup done too...)

Oh and I'm saving your tag for a rainy day. Seriously, I'm not ignoring it... :)

Amanda MmmBop Hansen said...

I just discovered Bravo a month ago and it is ALL I watch now. Tabitaha's salon take over??? Love it.

I would be on The Hills. Only it would be called The Valley and I would be the star. It may sound vain, but I'm convinced my life would make for pretty great television. I'm thinking about writing a letter to MTV...or maybe just blogging about it.

Miss M said...

It takes real vision and talent to be a good stylist. I swear, it takes me FOREVER to find someone who can tame my red, thick, stubbornly straight mane and when I find that person, I stay with them until a restraining order is signed.

You go Teresa!!!

Aunty Em said...

I live every day like I'm on a reality show. That way I'm nicer to my kids because I'm scared of what the camera's will pick up.

Mariam said...

As a client to your genius, I say, YOU COULD WIN! And, PLEASE don't issue a restraining order against me. I promise to be better than Miss M : )