Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My kids are funny too!

I’ve seen on other blogs proud parents bragging about the funny things their kids say. I often think, “oh, how cute... my kids are funny. Why can’t I ever remember what they say to blog about it.”

Then it hit me. I should write these things down when they say it! As an aspiring author I’m a little ashamed it took me this long to come up with it, since I’m often rummaging for a scrap of paper to remember a thought or clever line I want to include in my current of future novels.

So, with this plan set in mind, I kept my ears perked and pen ready, and I’ve got one! Yes only one, but this is a new idea mind you.

Yesterday when I got Belle up from her nap she had wet her bed. Not a big deal... everything is washable, even her. As we were pealing off her cloths to put her in the bath I was trying to do what I read, and not show disappointment, but teaching her that wetting her pants is gross.

Me: “Eewww! Pee-pee is gross. Princesses don’t like gross pee-pee in their pants!” yes I do talk baby talk with her some-times!

Belle: “Pee-pee not gross, pee-pee WARMMM!!


Mariam said...

I agree, pee-pee is warm. That is too funny. I love it. I am with you on writing things down. A good friend of mine keeps a poster-board in the hall and writes down all the funny things her kids say. I bought the poster board, and marker, but sadly I do not have it up, and nothing is written. Keep up the good work.

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susette said...

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Amanda MmmBop Hansen said...

aaaaaahahaha...I so needed that right now.

Anonymous said...