Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Old Comfort Food.

We have a favorite in out family ‘Swedish Pancakes’. Some might call them crapes, my mom grew up on the ‘Jinni -Lynn’s’ variety. But my dad came home from his mission with the ‘Swedish Pancake’ recipe. We had them on special occasions, someone’s birthday, or when mom felt we all deserved a special treat.

Now these aren’t a healthy food, what comfort food is, right? Almost as good as the pancakes themselves are the garnishments we like to put on them. Let’s see, there is yogurt, apple sauce, fresh fruit, cool-whip, cinnamon and sugar, cinnamon syrup, and ‘white’ syrup as we call it (made of sugar, butter, and caned milk... yes more sugar.) But the all time favorite, most desired, and superior is/was Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

We had to save it to last. Our very LAST one. Once we had it on a pancake, we could not have any more. So, we would make sure we had completely gorged ourselves before we could relish and savor our last one.

I’ve tried my hand at this family favorite, and I admit it was MODERATELY successful. They were at least eatable. So I mostly leave it to my mom to share with my youngsters this indulgence. After about a week of battering, Carter was successful in wearing Nannie (the grandkids affectionately call her Nannie... a tradition in her family.) down to making him some.

We ate and had our fill. After having her last one (not a chocolate syrup one because she prefers the white syrup, probably because it has more sugar) she pushed her plate away and said. “I’m sick.”

I’m glad we can carry on the family tradition to the next generation.


The Perkins Family said...

Yummmmmmm!!! Ü

Peay Family said...

Yes, very yummy. You just need to get a good non-stick pan. Now I want some, too! Hey, maybe a different color writing? kindof hard to read :)

Shonie said...

Ok that sounds good!

ruthann said...

your Dad used to make those for me when you were still a twinkle in your Mother's eye:)