Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahhhh, sunshine.

It feels good after this long winter. Today the was a perfect day warm, with just a little wind that kept the heat down. I woke up itching to do something outside. After looking around at some photography blogs, I also got an itch to be creative with my camera.

So, I took my-not so willing- children and forced them to pose- and hold still- and smile. After about 45 min. we were all ready to be done, and I swore off ever using children as photography victims again. (ya right- these guys are free).

Feel free to give criticism- constructive criticism. If you don’t comment, I will automatically assume you think my kids are ugly. (ya, occasional blackmail is healthy) That includes you, random stubble-er upon my blog, and you too Mack.


Anonymous said...

I really love these pics of your kids! Great job, seriously!

*KasSha* said...

GORGEOUS PIX!!!! I really like the ones of the two of them together! The first one is my fav where she is touching his face!!! You are a great photographer! And I cant believe how big Belle is getting! Well both of your kids are getting soo big! Love the pix gurlie!:) Hope you have a fun and safe memorial day! Love ya!

EarthAngel said...

Yeah, those are rather unfortunate looking children.

Best to not comment...

I knew that wouldn't be convincing!

Those are beautiful pictures (and I must admit, beautiful children. But who is that man sitting next to Belle?)

Grandma B said...

Just got home and pulled up the family blogs. I love the pictures! Great poses and GREAT