Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So I have this friend…

-We met in hair school
-We became fast friends
-We trade with each other (we do each others hair and nails)
-Our husbands are best friends
-Our kids play well together
-We have always weighed about the same
-We go on double dates with our hubbies a couple times a month.

And to top it off, her and her husband know more about me and my husband than anyone else on earth.

Well, we see each other often, between her doing my hair, me doing hers, play dates, bar-b-q’s, and nights out on the town. But the end of this summer has been crazy, and we haven’t gotten together in this last month more than once.

About a month ago we took the kids to the pool. Her and I did our favorite thing- people watching, while the kidos swam in the water, and the sun.

As we chatted, another girl we went to ‘hair school’ with came to say hello to us. One of her first questions to my friend was, “Have you lost weight?”

I shot her a look. Had she lost weight?

“Ya.” She answered reserved. *not one for this kind of attention*

‘Oh, great.’ I thought. ‘What kind of friend am I?? I hadn’t even noticed.’

When we were alone again the questions started.
“How much have you lost?” I asked.

“About 20lbs.”

“Wow, that’s great. How are you doing it?”

“I just eat 1200 calories a day and I try to walk more.”

“How long have you been doing that?”

“About a month and a half.”

“Wow. I feel like crap. I didn’t even notice.”

“I didn’t want anyone to know I was doing anything.”

I new that. She doesn’t like that kind of attention.

“Plus, I haven’t really dropped any cloth sizes, and I feel like I've plat-toed.”

Later that week, we went on a double date. J-rod and I got there early and waited for them at our table. As I saw them approaching I watched her. I could now tell she had lost weight. She did look good.

Well, then life happened we went from then until this last weekend without seeing each other just chatting on the phone a couple times a week.

When she came to Belles B-Day party I saw her walking to where we were sitting at the park.


I couldn’t believe how good she looked.

Ya, she’s lost 40LBS now! Not bad for 3 months!

Well, I guess I better get that diet book out and dust it off. I don’t want to be ‘the fat friend’. Hey, whatever it takes for motivation right?

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Peay Family said...

So, you tell HER things that you don't tell ME??? I want a refund...and I'm all for motivation :)