Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Activity 145

I debated whether or not to do my new project from #1, or to just thumb through the book and find one that strikes my fancy.  So, I have #1 waiting and ready to go.

But, it's one of the 'those days'.  Where, I counted down the last half hour I had until it was bed time for the cutest little 3 year old ballerina on the planet.  Because, sometimes even the cutest little 3 year old ballerina on the planets mom, wears down and needs a break.

So today it was going to be just Carter and me. Even with #1 set and ready to go, it's one for the outside, and one Belle would love.  Our activity #145- 'Ibble Dibble' sounded like a good choice.

"Hey, Carter." I try to draw him in, "I have a little game for us."  You have to remember he's two weeks shy of 12, and every bit the 'see if you can impress me' pre-teen.  I have to be creative to get him to think he wants to do this with me, not just that he is amusing me.  "This is a thing you and I can do when we want to talk in code."  I proceeded to tell him the jist of it.

It's like op-talk.  You put Ibble or Dibble in front of the vowels in words.  So "strawberry" would be "stribble-aw-bibble-air-ibble-ee".

His response after the pitch I gave him how this would be fun, and we could use this to talk when Belle is around, or when we are in public to talk in code?  

"We should just stick to spelling it out."

Hmmm... o.k. Looks like I need to be more creative. :)

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Rachel said...

Hahahaha!!! He's hilarious!! And I agree with him, that sounds more difficult than op-talk anyway, and since I can't spell...hehehe, i'm still laughing!!