Sunday, February 10, 2008

"It's that time of the year."

While searching the medicine isle (along with 3/4 of Pocatello, and half of American Falls) I chat with fellow shoppers/caretakers about the family’s current illnesses that this season has brought around. We compared symptoms, remedies and prices while we exchange grievances of coughs and fevers that our baby’s (let’s be honest that includes husbands) have come down with. A common phrase repeated up and down the isle, “It’s that time of the year” and I think back to the last few years at this time.

Carter missed three Valentines Parties in a row from being so ill and missing a week of school in the process. I realize this is the one time of the year Carter is stuck with such an ailment that he can’t go to school for a whole week. However, one thing is different this year, he doesn’t leave to go to school. I remember thinking when we decided to do home school, one of the plus sides would be not bring the contagion home. Alas the horrid infirmity has found us once again, and taken each of us down, one by one, debilitating each of us making us not much use to anyone for the whole of a week. Finally, we have started coming round, and each reviving from the infirm stupor.

One thing I have been so grateful for since Belle has joined our family is that Carter has been old enough to help with her. After tending to the family and nursing them all well this year, it was lamentably my turn for the ailment, and Carter was an enormous help amusing her while I indulged in a much need, and slightly drug induced nap. However, after one such necessity, I awoke to a half dressed tot treating herself to Oreo’s leaving little black fingerprints and smudges as she went blessing the house. Needless to say, Carter and I had a little discussion in healthful eating for a one year old. If this is the worst of what I am to expect, I am very blessed indeed.

I am happy to say we are all well again, (except a small cough of Belle’s) and we are actually happy to resume house work and school.


Mariam said...

I can't believe you found me. It was so good to hear from you. Isn't technology great.
Your kids are getting so big, but I guess that's what they do. Sounds like things are pretty good. Talk to you later.

Peay Family said...

I seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD after I read this!! Her outfit is hilarious! :) Good stuff!

Teresa said...

Carter honestly and truely dressed her like this, and keept her quiet by non other than the bribe of Oreos's. Hey, he obviously know's how to keep a girl happy ;)