Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Best Mothers Day.

Well, this is a little late. I meant to have this posted a week ago, but I’ve been gone out of town this week so this is the first chance I’ve had to sit at my computer.

For Mothers Day this year Jarrod had planned (not that I know the details) a “Pamper Mom” sort of package. I would have loved that! Who wouldn’t! But since my camera broke a few months ago I had felt so sad at the little things that seamed to be slipping by without me having any way to capture them.

One good example is Belle had woken from her nap and I heard her talking to herself and chatting like she usually does until someone has the mercy to release her from the crib. When I entered the room, I didn’t see her in her crib, and after a quick glance around the floor, (thinking she had climbed out) I still didn’t see her. Finally, my eyes fixed on her… sitting on the ledge of the bookshelf next to her bed. She was 4 feet off the floor with her feet dangling, and books –that had been on the shelf- scattered around the floor. After I called out in surprise, I tried to search frantically for some sort of camera, to seize the moment. But to my grief, I couldn’t find anything of the sort (that worked- I should say). I was close to tears over it.

When Mothers Day came around I told Jarrod all I wanted was a new camera. It was important to me as a mother to have these little precious, beloved, treasured, and cherished moments captured for me to look back on and remember my babies. It was a bit more than he planed on spending, but he came through in true form like a champ. The new digital camera is red (my favorite color) with a 3in screen. I love it and caught a few pictures of the kids this Mothers Day.

They aren’t posed, but this is how they are, and so this is just fine with me!!

I took these totally random in the bathroom when I had to change her diaper. She's saying "Cheeeese." To cute.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well.

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Mariam said...

Too Cute. I am so happy you got a new camera. I love to see your kids growing up. And in red, snazzy.