Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Special Day!

Our family was sealed for time and all eternity on May 24 2008. It was such a beautiful and unforgettable day, and we were so grateful for the friends and family that could come and share it with us. Jarrod and I feel so blessed for the support that was shown for us. Someone asked if there was a significance for the day, and to us there was. Jarrod and I went on our first date on May 24th five years ago. We are so grateful that our family is now forever.

These pictures are simple for a simple reason. Aside from Rachel’s quick photography skills, we literally only had three minutes to take pictures.

In between the session and our sealing, Jarrod and I had some time alone where we sat and talked. As we were indulging in our stolen moment of solitude we heard the rain coming down on the roof. It was pouring! I having other things on my mind thought nothing of it… until it came time to take pictures. Some of the workers told us it had been raining, so we didn’t know how we were going to take pictures. When we all had our shoes on we walked outside… it stopped raining.

We took a few pictures and visited a bit with a few family members, and then it started to poor again. It was like Heavenly Father stopped the rain because he knew how important it was to me that we have our pictures! I know that is a little egotistical… but we were grateful for a break in the weather!

Afterwards there was an impromptu dinner at Outback.

(the cake says: Congratulations Jarrod Teresa Carter and Isabelle. A Forever Family.)


Anonymous said...

Teresa, those are beautiful pictures! I'm glad you weren't rained on either. Congrats again on your wonderful day! I'm glad it went so well.

Mariam said...

I love those pictures, they are so sweet. I love seeing families all in white outside the temple, it is just so special.
I am so happy for your family. What an exciting time. Congratulations!

Peay Family said...

Man, those are great picutres, hu? :) j/k Send me the ones of Mom and Dad and Nanie at Outback. Thanks! xoxo

Charity said...

Oh, I forgot! I feel bad now. I guess I have a good excuse as I've been so wrapped up in my life. Congratulations T.... I am soooo happy for you!

Cummins Family said...

Congratulations! Your family is beautiful all in white. I can totally make Belle some bows now that I can see your bow taste. I'll get some dome pronto!