Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun at Great-Grandmas House!

Belle and I went to Utah a few weeks ago to help Rachel with her kids while she went on a trip to Philadelphia. I decided to stay at Grandmas while we were down there to get in a little visit with her, and lets be honest there is not better place to stay than Grandmas house!

It was so nice to catch up with her, and let Belle get to know her Great-Grandma a bit. Belle enjoyed exploring Grandmas, and learned how to turn off all the lights. She wasn’t quite tall enough to turn them on though, so I was constantly working in the dark.

Belle warmed up to Grandma quickly, and when we would leave Rachel’s to go to Grandmas Belle was always excited. She liked to fallow Grandma around the house (and turn off the lights of course). Belle loves her Ma’aMa.

This was the last day of our visit, and Belle liked to pose for the camera. I had a few cute pictures of her and Grandma, but having just got my camera, I hadn’t quite figured out some of the settings, and they got deleted. I was so sad, but we'll get some more soon. So these are the remaining ones.

She was being a little cheesy.
She was done taking pictures at this point.
O.K. Just one more.


Peay Family said...

Soooooo adorable! :)

Jared and Lisa said...

WHAT!!!! I thought you guys were getting sealed in JUNE!!! I can't belive i didn't get a phone call or a facebook reminder!!! OH well its not like me being there would have made the day any more beautiful or special. Im so proud of you!! YOur family is so beautiful! ITS SO PERFECT!