Saturday, June 14, 2008

Carter's Yellowstone Trip

At the end of May, Grandpa took Carter on a trip to Yellowstone. They had a great time. They were able to see a lot of wildlife, and got some great pictures. Carter is turning into quite the little photographer! We gave him two of those disposable cameras to take all the pictures that his little heart desired. He also saved a lot of money to take with him to by souvenirs.

On their first day there they were able to see a new-born bison. They knew it was newborn because it still had the umbilical cord attached!
They ate at a five star restaurant, and Carter is still grilling us about our dinning etiquette that Grandpa educated him on while they were there. And what did Carter eat at this rare opportunity to eat at a five star restaurant?... Yes, Macaroni and Cheese.- Go figure! He was also quite appalled that the waiter would ask if Grandpa wanted the wine list with, "a 10 year old sitting at the table!" Grandpa ate bison, and gave Carter some, to his delight. He couldn't get over how tender it was. I've never had it, so I will take his word on it.

He is still talking our ears off about the trip. It will be something he will remember for the rest of his life... Thanks Grandpa!!

This is the blanket Carter bought. He loves it and thinks it is so soft. He sleeps with it every night!

Carter is wearing his Yellowstone National Park hat, and is holding his tomahawk and talking stick that he bought with his souvenir money. It is an Indian tradition that the only person who is allowed to talk is the person holding the talking stick... and I think we all know what a tomahawk is for.

Now, the fallowing was Carter's idea, and I played along. He has a dramatic streak...
Hmmm... I wonder where he gets that from?

Grandpa got this binder for Carter to put all his paper, pictures, and pamphlets in. This is the map of Yellowstone, and Carter is telling us about the trip and where they went on the map.

This was really neat, this is a Passport for the National Parks. Every time you go to a National Park if you go to a ranger station you can get your passport stamped!

This is the page for Yellowstone.

This is the stamp for Yellowstone.

A better pictuer of the stamp.

These are some more little things Carter brought home. One is an arrow head, and the other is a flattened penny with "Yellowstone National Park" on it with a little stick figure hiking.

Carter was thoughtful enough to get Belle something too. This is a ‘Bear Bell’. You are supposed to wear it as you hike around Yellowstone so the bears hear you and aren't startled. I thought it was cute that Carter (or Grandpa?) thought of Belle when they saw the ‘Bear Bell’.

For those of you who don't know, I collect trinket boxes. My collection started years ago when a dear friend of mine Mariam gave me one for a birthday back in junior high. My beloved Grandma Bartschi has continued to indulge me with trinket boxes from around the world when she travels on her cruses, and other various travels. It has turned into a little plea of mine to those of my family who are going on trips, "Please bring me back a trinket box!" Jarrod now indulges me too. (He has found them far more effective than flowers, for about the same price!)

So Carter fallowing in his father's footsteps, who fallows in his father-in-laws’ footsteps, to spoil the woman in their life, and brought me home this beautiful trinket box. The design on the top is made of different colors of sand, and fashioned after a native cave painting I do believe.

Actually when I asked Carter to get me one, he replied, "Does it have to be out of my money?" So I have to thank grandpa, who I believe was the one that purchased it. Thanks Dad!!


Peay Family said...

Sorry 'bout that. I just wanted to edit the comment, oh well. Cute background and fun pictures. :)

Mariam said...

Looks like the trip was a blast. Thank goodness for Grandparents. The dramatic pics of Carter are too funny.
(P.S. I love the background)