Friday, June 27, 2008

Carter's Webelos So Far...

Carter is in the Webelos den in cub scouts, the last den before he becomes a Boy Scout. He is working on all his requirements to receive his Webelos badge.

Before his last, pack-meeting, he wanted to get his Webelos neckerchief, and slide. This is a picture of them close up.

This is a picture of his ‘colors’ as they are called. The scouts put their activity badges onto their colors. The term ‘Badge’ is a little misleading in this instance though, they are actually pins, and they are pinned onto the colors. Their colors are worn on the shoulder of their uniform. Carter was also quite adamant about having his colors for pack-meeting.

Carter is very lucky and VERY grateful to have his Grandpa as his Pack-leader. It has meant a lot to Carter.

Flag Ceremony As one of Carters requirements for his Webelos badge, he had to plan and lead a flag ceremony in his den that included the U.S. flag. He did a great job, and took a lot of care in his appearance so he would look nice when he called the colors for the flag ceremony. In hind site I noticed I forgot to take pictures of the other boys posting the colors. Oops!

Activity Badges At this same pack-meeting, Carter received two of his activity badges, his Traveler, and his Fitness badges.
Traveler Badge

These are large pictures of what the badges(pins) actually look like.

Fitness Badge

So he now has two of his activity badges pinned onto his colors, which explains why he was so adamant about having them for this Pack-meeting. Stay tuned for more updates...

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