Saturday, June 21, 2008


I do love art. I want to start this off by articulating that small, simple detail. I think as a cosmetologist you have to not only appreciate art, but be willing to create it. I don’t know if that is quite implicit, among the general public, but that is a whole different post in itself, and I digress! Nevertheless, I love art and music and theater and writing. I have indulged and consumed myself in many of these crafts. So it is not uncommon that I am strongly moved or engrossed into others works also.

Yesterday I was at a well known LDS book store, skimming the discount isle, delightfully filling my arms with books (my most indulgent pastime of late- reading that is) when I saw this….

I can attest to you that this small picture does not do it justice. It is a large, 15x25 (without the frame). I urge you to not glance over it quickly. I was so mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I have never had a spiritual experience with art before. I have been stimulated, stirred and even inspired, but never a spiritual enlightenment. I was sucked into this. I could see this happening, like I was in another time and place. It was such an overwhelming sensation. Everything seemed to stand still.

Jarrod, who had gone to the bathroom at the time and was just returning, was the one to break me of the reverie I seemed to be lost in. His “Hi, Babe,” was all it took. And, it happened … I broke down in Desert Book... Crying uncontrollably... Trying desperately to compose myself... So besieged by the sensation and understanding I had just experienced. Nonetheless, all this while trying not draw the attention of the ever helpful, obliging, saleswomen, or other patrons.

My husband staring wide eyed at his ever affected wife, scanned the shelves, wondering what had brought this particular attack of emotion. All I could do was point at the picture. Understanding swept over his face. He collected the books from my arms and picked up the picture. After motioning for me to go to the bathroom to collect myself, he headed himself to the register. Not once questioning any of the contents cost. I know not all, if any would have such a response to this peace. I only try to allocate my experience with you.

The paramount to it all came when I was retrieving my new treasure from the trunk of our car when we were at home after fetching the kids from their Nannies’. I pulled it out to tuck under my arm while gathering other bags when Belle happened to catch a glimpse of it.

“Jee-Jee!” She exclaimed (her word for Jesus). “Jee-Jee, Jee-Jee!” Both Jarrod and I stopped, giving each other knowing glances. I sat in wonder of my little girl and her knowledge that she is so limited in sharing. My 21 month old that also knows what this picture is. And possibly what it represents?

I want to add the artist of this painting is Jared Barnes, and the peace is “The First”.


Anonymous said...

How awesome is that? What a beautiful picture. I have no doubt our little ones remember so much about their first home - so cool!

Peay Family said...

Beautiful. Is it framed? Oh, I'll just call you... :) xoxo

Terésa said...

No, it’s not framed. The picture that I put on my post (with the frame) is $200. I just thought it looked better with the frame… But the fist thing Jarrod said when I got out of the bathroom was that he wanted to have it framed for me right away. We just got the matted print (every thing but the frame of the picture I posted- for those who don’t speak art ;) )

jbarnes said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog. I just wanted to say thank you for appreciating my artwork. I love to hear when people are moved by my artwork. I would like to mail you a signed calendar. Come visit my families blog at

Take care.