Monday, July 21, 2008

Pertty Pertty Flowers

I love doing crafts, but I rarely set aside the time to indulge myself. Rachel and I found this little kiosk in her mall (o.k. Rachel found it, and told me where it was) that sold bows and flowers for girls hair. I loved it, and probably spent $30+ there. For those who have asked if I made the bows prior, this is where I acquired them. But at my last visit, I was frustrated at the lack of selection. Don’t get me wrong, if I wanted one bow or flower for one specific outfit, I could probably find it, but seeing as they are costly articles, I preferred to have one bow or flower match several outfits.

Rachel, (again coming to the rescue--I don’t think she mentions me in her blog near as much as I mention her. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.--O.k. I’ll save that for another post) lives in Utah, and it is more or less a fact that if something is all the rage in Utah, it will be a few months before it arrives here in lowly Idaho. So she shared with me her advanced knowledge on how to make these hair decorations (that are all the rage).

First, these are the flowers I started off with. I got the Gerber Daisy’s on sale for a dollar, and the bunches of flowers for a dollar too. I probably spent $15 in all, guessing on the high side, and including the jems.

This is my first finished flower. It doesn’t have the yellow like in this picture. My camera was doing weird things... Look at the last few, it’s the only orange flower.

This next one is my most favorite, because pure white flowers are hard to come by!

O.K. on with the instructions, right? They are so stupid simple. You just take all the plastic off the flower, and take the flower apart. Then glue the it back together they way you want, or do what I did, and glue it the way it is (without the plastic) I used a glue gun, but I think fabric glue would hold better and be less bulky. My mom also suggested just stapling the peaces together once you got it arranged the way you wanted. Then glue the flowers to a clip you wanted.

I used this one, because these sort of clips work best for Belle’s head-band’s she already has.

I also put ribbon around the clip to make the flower stay more secure.

I also have seen when you are putting the flower together again before gluing, to use different colored layers from flowers of the same make, so that you don’t have one solid color flower. I might try that later, but I’m weird about matching, so... we’ll see.

These are the finished products. I have three different shades of pink, a peach one, white, cream, lime grean, burnt orange, and two different shades of red, and I’m quite pleased! If my instructions aren’t clear, just ask, and I’ll try to be of more help. Good luck, and have fun!

Belle with her new flower

P.S. On the first day out with Belle’s new flower we got 6 complements and one lady even asked me how I did it! Not that I’m counting... ;)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to actually have a girl to make some of these for! I've seen them randomly before and love them. So cute!

Alida & Jeremiah Bowles said...

Thanks for the instructions...I'm gonna make some this week!!! Yours turned out great!!!!! :)

Amanda MmmBop Hansen said...

Way to go! Those are so awesome! You're so crafty...I have no skills.

Mariam said...

I make this kind of flowers for K all the time, my problem is I buy a bunch of flowers and then have 6 of the same color. We need to have a flower making/swapping party. Or at least swap flowers.
So much fun, and so cute. Seriously, I am excited!
P.S. I make lots of flowers for K with buttons in the middle, just a different look.