Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wow it’s Tuesday already! This last week has jut flown by! The topic for T.T.A. is our exercise routines. This is something I have been thinking about blogging about for a while. I watch those shows, (I’m a reality show junkie) like “The Biggest Loser” and “Celebrity fit club” and “Workout” (my favorite) and you see the transformations of those brave people. I say “brave” because you would have to brave to go on national T.V. and announce your weight. Not only that, but your exercise routine and your daily meals to have people watch, and judge, and scrutinize.

But to me part of the reason those shows would work would be because who wants to fail in front of millions of viewers? Surely not I! So my debate these last few months has been about doing that here, on my blog, and keeping family and friends updated. It might, just might help in the motivational factor. But alas, I am a shy creator (I know some of you are laughing but ‘tis true) and I’m not quite sure exactly how I want to go about it all. So, as Bob (from “What about Bob") would say... “I’m baby steppen’, I’m doing the work!” So here we are, “Baby steps".

I joined the fitness center Curves. I’m sure most of you have heard of it. It is only for women, and there aren’t any mirrors except for the bathroom. I love it. Everyone is so supportive. I feel like it’s straight out ‘Cheers’ when everyone calls “NORM!” when he walks in... that is almost what it is like at our center. Everyone is so happy to see you, and there are always warm “Hello’s” and “Goodbyes”. So I’ve started going there. That is my exercise routine. If you want to know more about what it all entails, follow this link to Curves. And I’ll keep you all up on my progress! XOXOXO


Mariam said...

I have heard such good things about curves. I wish they had one here. A realistic exercise routine with great support, why did it take them so long to figure that out.

Alida & Jeremiah Bowles said...

I must say that I look forward to TTA to read your post as much as to write my own! (and I don't even know you!!) LOL! Good luck at Curves!! :)

Mariam said...

About the dog collar, don't think I haven't thought about it. Seriously. If only it was that easy with kids.