Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yes, if you didn’t know this before I’m telling you now, I’m a HUGE klutz...if there is a hole or something protruding from the ground, my feet will find it. But my prevalent nemesis is the stairs. I am always falling down them. The first time I remember falling down stairs (probably because it was soooo embarrassing) was when I was in high school, a sophomore if memory serves me, and I was with my friend. We saw the senior that I had a school-girl crush on. We proceeded to whisper and giggle, and nudge each other and then it happened- BAM!!! I was on the ground -face down- having skipped the last three stairs -in one of the most packed hallways of the school- at the feet of this specific crush who was standing at his locker. My attentive friend collected me quickly and we proceeded on to our own lockers, quickly, and not looking back. I don’t recall hurting anything other than my pride! No, pain was later to come,

I broke my foot 3 years ago falling down the stairs at our apartment having broken my third and fourth metatarsal. (walking on it for two weeks before my mom paid me, -yes literally paid me- to go to the doctor), I’ve fallen down the stairs at the movie theater, and even fell down stairs with Belle in my arms while nursing. I, having improved my skills to try and avoid pain, was fast enough to tuck her and roll to my side, so she was left unscathed. So be kind if you see me gingerly holding onto railings as I go down stars. ;)

But even though I fell down stairs and broke my foot, the worse ailment I suffered -- as an adult that is, because I think the worst would have to be when I broke my ankle while rollerblading at a friends B-Day party when I was 12 and had to have two surgeries to rectify it.-- was when I was volunteering at the D.I.. Yes, volunteering. I tripped on a wayward cord that was sticking out from under the table wich I was sorting, and twisted my knee in the fall. No good deed goes unpunished I suppose? I went months without going to the doctor yet again, but I could no longer ignore the nagging pain that would keep my up at night, and throbbed during daily activities. The diagnosis? A torn M.C.L..

That’s right, I went for months walking about on a torn M.C.L.. As my friend put it, I endured the pain that ends most athletes’ careers. The most serious injuries because of klutziness.... I have broken my arm (age 5) my ankle (12) my foot (25) and torn my M.C.L. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not bragging. I’ve learned that if you are destined to be a klutz, you had better have a high pain tolerance and a sense of humor!!

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What are you doing about that, by the way????? You better have a good explination to me...soon :)