Monday, July 28, 2008

6 Quirky Things About Me!

O.k. I’ve been tagged- AGAIN (I know, I know!), and I have to tell 6 Quirky things about me. I pondered this all day, and I was couldn’t think of anything really except one. So I went to my dear loved ones sure they would be wise enough to say “Nothing about YOU is quirky!” This however was not the case, and Jarrod, Carter, AND Mom were all able to rattle off a list. These were the first 6 though. Enjoy... (At my expense) ;)

1. The way I eat a Hostess Cup cake... I eat them weird. I can’t just eat it normally like people do. I have to eat the cake part first, and save the icing for last. “Quirky?” You might ask, well the specific thing is that I don’t eat the cream filling until end also. So I eat the cake part taking it all off the frosting and cream bite by bite (with my fingers mind you) and then when all the cake is gone and just the cream and frosting remain, I role the frosting around the cream and eat it last.

2. I love to eat popcorn with Junior Mints. Not just separately but in the same sitting, I like them together. They are both in my mouth at the same time. I even like it when the popcorn is warm, and to dump the Junior Mints in the popcorn and they start melting.(this really only works at the movies)

3. I have to match, and coordinate my outfits even if I’m just staying at home, even if it is just my pajamas. I personally don’t find this too quirky, but it was on the list none the less.

4. I scream at movies. It is a dreadful thing that has plagued me for the last ten years (I don’t particularly remember doing it so much when I was younger—other than when I was about 5or 6 and I snuck into the family room where my mom and her mom were watching “The Fly”. I sat good, and quiet, concealed to the unknowing mothers. That is until I scream a blood curdling scream at one particular part.) It frequently draws the delight from other movie-goers, as my fright gets many snickers from the crowd. Being a klutz and screaming easily at movies – not the best combination. I will usually kick the chair in front of me in my hysterics, leaving my foot injured. Many times have I left the theater horse and limping.

5. Watching my favorite movies over and over. This one in particular baffles my husband. For months on end (especially when we were without satellite or cable) he would come home to me watching “Pride and Prejudice” the six hour BBC version, or “Sense and Sensibility”, or “Persuasion” and then “Emma” too. My preference isn’t limited to my unquenchable Jane Austen addiction. I enjoy all sorts of movies, it just depends on my mood.

6. My last quirk would be that I talk in accents. Most of you that are chummy with me will know this, but I will be mid-conversation, and will break into random accents. I prefer a British dialect, I think because of my fascination with the regency era, but German, Russian, Southern will all do fine. When I talk to someone with an accent, I have to make a conscious effort to not copy them!

That is all! O.K. well, I only needed 6 and since my family was gracious enough to give me a list I chose the first 6. ;)-- -- Oh, and I now tag any one who reads this!


Sami said...

I took the challenge on my blog, in case you're interested. You made me laugh, because I remembered the whole accent thing, and the quirky way you ate some foods. And it also reminded me of the time you screamed and reacted in "Ghost Ship". Good times...

Peay Family said...

Hahaha! Yes, all quirky things we love about you. You'll have to send me a list for myself because I'm at a loss... :)

cannwin said...

Okay, woah, woah, woah. How do you two know each other? I think I remember you mentioning something T. but how do you know Sami? This is really odd cause Sami used to be my roommate.

Please explain.