Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beginner BabySteps Day 3

Ahhh... day 2 done... check √.

My kitchen is still clean, and I got dressed to my shoes.
Now, in the summer this only means Flip Flops for me, but I get the idea. Get DRESSED. It’s so easy when you’re not going out at all for the day, or at least don’t have any plans to, it’s just easy to stay in Gauchos, and a cozy shirt. So I got dressed. I even wore a skirt (not that it is a big deal for me, I love skirts and dresses, but someone might find that significant)and did my hair and make-up. I even curled my hair in a different way than I normally do.

O.K. "Beginner BabySteps Day 3" is to do what I have been doing~ keeping my kitchen sink clean, dressing to shoes,~ and now read reminders on the site for two minutes. Simple enough!

p.s. thanks to those who keep me in check... Jonnie and Sami!! ;)

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JonnieAngel said...

Cute toes! I would never post a picture of my feet online. Nobody would ever visit my blog again!!!

I'm trying to do the flylady thing. Some of it doesn't apply to me. Since I work away from home during the day, I am always dressed to my non so perfectly pedicured feet.

But Matthew started 1st grade this week and it has helped me tremendously! Getting ready the night before should be obvious...and yet I needed flylady to say "set your clothes out the night before". If my husband were to read this, he'd be like "I told you to do that!!!"

Oh well. Congrats on keeping up with it!