Friday, August 8, 2008

Beginner BabySteps Day 2

Before ... & ... After

O.K. Day 1 done and completed.

I have to say that the reason I decided to post my "Beginner BabySteps" was to see if it helped me to actually do it ~and it did! I was ready to just not do the work, and move on with my posting... I even went as far as to see if I could erase my first post about it, sure no one had read it. Then I silenced those voices of procrastination, and this is what I have to rearward myself with....


(mind you the first step wasn’t to clean your kitchen, but I can’t stop once I get going)

O.K. tomorrow is Day 2... “Get Up and Get Dressed to Lace-Up Shoes”. Now all the steps that you learn you keep doing with the next step, so tomorrow I will get dressed up to my lace up shoes, and make sure my kitchen sink stays clean as well. It’s all about learning new habits.

Now I’m off to read my new book my sister bought me for my Birthday, “Breaking Dawn”! Thanks Suey!! xoxoxo


JonnieAngel said...

You know, you wouldn't have gotten away with it!!! I so read that post and came on just to see if your sink was shiny.


You know what's funny? I actually signed up for fly lady a few days ago.

Hey, let me know when you're done reading Breaking Dawn! I so love Jacob.

Sami said...

Wow Teresa! Your kitchen looks so good! I hope to get back into the flylady thing once I get back from my trip out west, and get Andi started in school. That's baby is starting kindergarten (sob). I just finished reading Breaking Dawn on Wednesday. I was a dork, and went to the bookstore the day it came out, while wearing a "Team Jacob" shirt. Let me know how you like it...

Terésa said...

I wanted to go, but Jarrod works nights on the weekend, and I didn’t have anyone to go with... I have to do things in numbers ;). Jarrod did call me to tell me there was a HUGE line at the place he works at, and that A LOT of people dressed up.