Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flylady “Baby Steps” Day 1...

O.k., we’re done. All moved in (actually we were about two days ago, but my brain has been to fried to blog) So as I’ve shared with you before, I LOVE this site . It gives the best advice for making habits to help keep your house clean and organized. I just love it, but I’ll admit, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit the last few weeks. So, here I am in a new clean (well it was for about 5 minutes) home and I want to better infuse those habits into my life.

So first off when you go to the sight one of the first things it tells you is to take “baby steps”, and not get overwhelmed. So, you go to the “Beginner Baby Steps” tab, and it gives you a 31 day plan. So, I’m going to start over from the beginning. And you ladies (and any “Mr. Man” if you want to too) I’m starting tomorrow. I don’t want my house to get too out of hand again. (Oh, and there is a little section for the kido’s too. If you join they send you e-mail reminders, and they will send you one called the “Riley Challenge” for the kids with cute ideas for them to clean and de-clutter their rooms too, to help teach our offspring these superior routines)

O.k. So the first challenge for tomorrow is to “Shine Your Kitchen Sink” (click on the link for full details). Simple I know, but there is a method to the madness, and the steps grow more in-depth as the days move on. Remember “Baby Steps”.

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