Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ugh... the arduous task of moving.

Yes, we are moving... again. But this is a good move. We are getting away from the psycho neighbors upstairs, (who our landlord is in the process of evicting as I type) we get the upstairs unit, with an extra bathroom, a bigger living-room, and a two car garage (Dad is especially excited about this one, so that we can finally store the obnoxious articles that have been, all these years, hoarded up in his garage.) And it should be an easy move, seeing as it is only next door.

My plan:
1. Getting my brother over here with his brawny and competent friends, and have them move all the heavy stuff- couches, beds, washer & dryer, and file cabinet ect..
2. Then I’m going to pack (for example the kitchen) and then as soon as it is packed, move it over to the new house, and unpack strait away before going on to the other rooms. So, pack and unpack as I go. I consider this to be a fail proof plan, and I’m thinking it will be like an in-depth spring cleaning, purging as I go. I’ve already started to dispose of unnecessary possessions as I’ve been preparing for the event.

What I’m not looking forward to:
1. I’m not looking forward to moving. I’m really excited to be in the new place, and all the amenities it will bring, but for the actual MOVE, I’m not too animated.
2. We are moving on my birthday. Even though we didn’t have anything planed except maybe a date with my hubby, still not the way I wanted to spend the day that I’m turning... twenty-something. ;)
3. To top it ALL off, Jarrod was able to call DirecTV, (who he works for) to have our service moved the day we are moving. (Jarrod watches T.V. I play on the computer) However, when I call to have our phone service, which also includes our internet (through the evil Qwest I might add) moved it will take up to three business days. I will be without my internet until August 5th!!


Mariam said...

Hope the move goes well. Good luck and happy birthday!

Mariam said...

Hope the move goes well. Good luck and happy birthday!

Amanda MmmBop Hansen said...

You are moving right now...and I am leaving in a few minutes to go have dinner at the Cheesecake celebrate your birthday, of course! I hope the move went well and you had a fabulous birthday!

JonnieAngel said...

"twenty something"?!?

I know how old you are...and I can keep your secret if the price is right.