Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday... a Day of Rest?

I remember when I was a teenager (a couple years ago) ;) My mom’s cousin had called to talk with my mother about family chit-chat, and I had answered the phone. (For those of my readers who know it was Fritz)

Him- “What are you doing?”


Him-“Are you sick? How long have you been sleeping?” His profession is in the medical field.

Me-“Since church got out,” this was about 6pm and church had let out at noon. “It’s Sunday, we are supposed to rest.” Thinking myself very cleaver at this, I didn’t perceive the error in my understanding. I should have saw this coming, but remember, I was a teenager... ‘nough said.

Oh, I will never forget his short but very to the point lecture that ensued on the proper way to spend the Sabbath.

Fast forward to now. I (and I think a lot of mom’s will agree) can’t really think of Sunday as a “Day of Rest”. Let’s see...

*I get up, and get the kiddos up (and Hubby too).
*Get showered, and shave my legs, (usually the only day I do this, unless it is Capri weather) so it is a longer shower than normal.
*Do my hair and make-up, more fancy than the everyday stuff.
*Get dressed in ‘Sunday Best’.
*Find, or help C.J. find his ‘Sunday Best’ (and usually Hubby too).
*Bath, and dress Belle, spending extra time on her hair to get it just right. She is the ‘darling girl’ of the ward, and I’m determined to keep that status (she is also the only girl her age, so this whole ‘status’ thing is probably in my head... but I digress) her hair is curly, a.k.a needs a lot of attention so to not look messy.
*Then, breakfast for everyone. Everyone but me, because I’m usually to busy to eat, or I just forget (I’m not a big breakfast person... probably because it is not normally accepted to eat chocolate for breakfast. Then I would be a BIG breakfast person... digressing)
*Then at the last minute, (because I have procrastinated yet again, and the whole morning is a mad dash) I race around trying to get my church bag ready. If you saw the size of my purse, you would think everything I needed could fit in my purse (think tote size). But no, that is my purse, for ‘mommy’s stuff’ –lip gloss, keys, planer, diaper wipes, (even though Belle is now trained, you still need wipes) therefore the need of my ‘church bag’ with quite toys, sippy cups, paper, cheerios, books, and most importantly, the binky.
*Finally off to Sacrament, where you want your child to behave their best for a whole hour (and Hubby too). Where they see a vast audience to perform for. (a consequence of having the girl ‘darling’ of the ward... I know, I know, in my head, but that’s where we are right now) And what are you going to do? You can’t threaten your children (and Hubby too) within an inch of their lives sitting on the second row, ten feet in front of the Bishop. Then I start to compare, how does mom of the R- family get her children sit so quite, or why you never hear a peep from the H- family or how can I get my kids to sing like K- family? Thoughts like, “Please don’t decide right now is the time to: be ‘cute’ and scream at the top of your lungs, or see how far you can throw your binky, or yell “NO, NO!” to everyone during the practice Hymn,” run through my head. Then just as my anxiety is about to take over... Sacrament meeting is done, and...
*REST... The two hours of Sunday School and Relief Society are the only two hours I get in the whole week kid free. I can sit with my hands folded, and relax. Converse in ‘grown-up’ talk and discuss our religion. *big sigh* (unless I’m substituting... again, digressing)
*Then pick the kids (and Hubby too) up/ find the rowdy rascals and corral them to the car, while trying to chat with ‘so and so’ to get updates on ‘so and so’ and also making appointments for Visiting Teaching, lastly to find a blasted member of the bishopric to give the tithing envelope to.

*Now, home, where I’m fighting off the kiddos (and hubby too) who are ravenous while fixing the biggest meal of the week, and trying to keep some order to the house. “Can we please keep the spirit in our house?” I try not to scream.
*Cleanup from the biggest meal, usually results in the biggest cleanup of the weak. And the ‘Biggest Meal’ part... Who ever said the biggest meal has to be on Sunday. I’m sure some one did, because everyone does it. My mom did it, (with the help of two darling daughters) and on T.V. they do it (by ‘everyone’ I mean my mom and everyone on T.V. That gives me enough authority to make such declarations). Why can’t the ‘Biggest Meal’ be on Wednesday, or Friday? I think Monday would work well for us.
*Preparing lesson for visiting teaching, while baking cookies, or making cards to give to sisters.
*Off to Visit and Teach said sisters.
*Home, and put kids to bed. (Hubby is usually in bed napping before returning to work at the second job... unless there is a football game on)

Why is the “Day of Rest” not very restful?
I’m taking back my ‘Day of Rest’!

This means rearranging things, and doing others the day before, or latter in the week, or using the Crockpot for dinner. But I want to ‘rest’ on my Sabbath, to read scriptures, to cuddle up with my family and watch all three “Work and the Glory” DVD’s in succession (we did do that once- o.k. it was mostly the Hubby and me with the kids in and out, but Hubby is a convert, and it was educational, emotional, and fun!) To have that one day where we rest our bodies and enlighten our minds and spirits! I challenge all of you, to make Sunday your ‘Day of Rest’!


Alida Bowles said...

I don't think Sunday will ever be a "day of rest" again until all of my children are officially out of the house (which I am not looking forward to yet since I am still enjoying them so much) But Sundays sure are somewhat stressful...and hey I only shave my legs on Sundays, too!! :)

cannwin said...

I'm pretty sure the first presidency has said that naps are an acceptable form of sunday activity.

Mariam said...

AMEN sister. Kent says he hasn't felt the spirit in church in 5 years (when D was born). I felt a little jealous that you were kid free during R.S. and Sunday school. I'm in Primary.
There is always so much chaos on Sunday. But...we always take a nap after church (and if D doesn't sleep he is threatened not to disturb us). And, I don't cook a big meal. We do our big meal on other nights. I think it works pretty well.

Terésa said...

Ahhh... primary. I have a whole respect for primary workers having been one, and am very grateful for them too. I am quite a fan of naps also, Fritz’s lecture was rightly deserved to a lazy teenager who wasn’t just ‘napping’ but sleeping the day away.

Peay Family said...

I LOVED IT, the whole story, even all the digression. I need to take back my sunday also!! As soon! I'll start tomorrow. Good thing my kids like Ramen noodles. :) And, if you ware a long skirt, no one knows you didn't shave! ;)

Alida Bowles said...

Oh Rachel why didn't I think of that?!?! ;)

Aunty Em said...

Every Sunday is fast Sunday around our house, unless Manly wants to make dinner. I have to fight for what I get, but in the end.....I get it (I wish, but it sounded really good.)