Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I could not be any happier right now! I’m on cloud nine. I feel just like I’ve gotten back from a first date with the cutest boy in school. O.K. not really. But I am excited, I met my ‘boy friend’ (as I like to call him) Glenn Beck.

He was in our town tonight doing a book singing for his new book “The Christmas Sweater”. I didn’t really care. I would have gone if he was signing toilet paper rolls, but I bought the book. I’m all for supporting him. ;) This is how it went down.

I learned he was signing books from 6pm -to 7pm at Deseret Book. I had just got in town from a trip where we had been gone for a few days. I was tired, and cantankerous, and not feeling presentable to the public. I actually decided to not go. I was drained, the kids were cranky, and the hubby wanted food... then I changed my mind. This is after all Glenn Beck. (I know you are all rolling your eyes at me. I know.)

We get to the mall at 6:05 and what do we see? A line that wraps not just in front of the store in one of those snaky rope things, but all the way down the hall, and all the way down another hall. For those who know where I’m talking about it went for D-Book all the way down to the Party Palace (formerly Macy’s) and worked its way back up that hall toward Vanity.

My husband gives me THE LOOK. All you ladies know what I’m talking about. The ‘Are you really serious?’ look. The ‘You have got to be kidding me, but if you are serious I’ll do it, but I’m expecting this to go towards brownie points *wink, wink*’ look. Ya, you know what I’m talking about.
Belle and I waiting in line.

The line went surprisingly fast. I overheard the DB workers saying he is known to sign 800 to 1,400 books in an hour. Whew, I was around 790 in line. 6:30 came, and I was in front of the store, not heading in the store just reaching the snaky line part. Double whew!

There were ALL SORTS of people standing next to the line, handing out flyers to their own stores with special discounts. There was even a worker from Pretzel Time handing out free Pretzel Bites (that did help with the cranky kids). There was one particular smart business men that had boards with some of Glenn’s (yes, we are on a first name basis in my head) most famous quotes in vinyl lettering. “Have Glenn Beck sign these while your there.” Was his basic pitch, and I bought. Yes, I would have bought it if it was toilet paper remember.

The quotes varied, “Awwwwww ya.” and “You sick twisted freaks.” were a few, but my favorite was, “It makes blood shoot out of my eye.” (you have to know him to appreciate all these)

Finally I get into the store, and I felt like Will Ferrell in ‘The Elf’ (which I just saw this weekend. Thanks Mack and Shaan) where he is in the department store “SANTAAAAAAAA!!! I know him!!!” Yes, it took all the control I could muster to stay calm enough to take a picture. So J-rod did the honors. He did rather well, considering how fast they were rushing everyone.

His head and my head in the same frame. (oh, and Belle’s too.)

He shook Carter and my hands, and made a comment about Belle, but I could think was “This is really him!!”
He was very nice, and considerate. That was it, it took about 20 seconds, but I was a very happy camper afterwards!

Me oh so happy.


Mariam said...

Horay for you. It is not everyday you meet your celebrity crush. You are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Holy awesome!!!! You have pictures of him too!
I'm so so sad we didn't go meet him! But I'm glad I didn't attempt the line with both the kids because I would have been frazzled. Sterling had class but I had a friend sign a book for him.
What a fun sign too. His quotes are so funny!

Aunty Em said...

I'm so happy for you. I came really close to making the decision to go (I was going to skip mutual to do it!), but my other leader couldn't make it to mutual last night so I couldn't bail out.

I'm so jealous! I'm a regular listener too, although I don't think I love him as much as you.

I thought of you when I started hearing the commercials for it on the radio, I'm so glad you made it!

cannwin said...

Glenn Beck in our home town? As in... the black hole? What on Earth brought him there? And where did he do the signing at? That looks a little like Deseret Book to me but I know they've got that new bookstore *angels singing in glorious approval* or is that bookstore done yet *angels stop abruptly*

How exciting for you!

Peay Family said...


Terésa said...

Mariam- I know it is a little pathetic, but I do get excited so easily.

Sandi- I almost didn’t go. But I knew I would regret it, so I had to. Now I just need to find a place for the board. It’s not really something I would want in my... say bedroom, or bathroom. I think over the computer will do.

Em- Where are your priorities? Well, I guess everyone has their limits. ;)

C- I don’t think there is a new bookstore :( not that I can afford to shop at the bookstores here in town... Amazon does just fine for me, or when I get too desperate I go to D.I.. Yepers it was Desert Book. I like to think he was inspired to come because he knew I was here, but the practical side of me tells me that probably isn’t so. I know he comes to Idaho a lot to do speaking at B.Y.U. Idaho, and he goes to I.F. for things too. I was actually surprised at the turnout he got, because we don’t live in the most conservative town unlike our neighbors to the north.

Rachel- ... or D-ail, thanks. I’m glad you took so much time out of your day to tell me you laughed out loud.

Blog Buddy said...

YOU are one lucky lady meeting and taking pictures of GLENN BECK!!!!♥