Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On with Belle!

You know I wanted to blog about this the most right? Not really. I love talking about Belle and all, just not when she’s hurt.

I’m a klutz. I’ve blogged about it here before. I’m used to it. I get mad, mostly annoyed, and some times even laugh. O.k. well, mostly laugh. Have you heard the blood curdling screams that come out of my mouth when I fall? I have, you would laugh too. If you heard it you would think I was being thrown from the top of cliff, instead of tipping over a wrinkle in the carpet, or a missed step.

So, yes after such occasions, I do laugh at myself. But this time I couldn’t. I don’t think I have ever been so mad at myself because of an accident before.

The other day my mom and I were out scurrying around town trying to finish the last few touches for Janice’s shower. Mom had dropped Belle and me off at our house and we waved from the driveway, as Belle must do to all her fair-going friends. Turning then to go in the house and finish getting ready, my foot twisted in my shoe and thus twisting my ankle sending Belle and I to the ground.

I’m a little more accustomed to these sorts of falls, and have a kind of expertise in landings. Belle? Not so much. I’m sad to say she went down because I went down and I was holding her hand.

She fell hitting her mouth on the driveway (for those of you who have seen said driveway know it is an accident waiting to happen). I picked her up and ran with her into the house. I was sobbing at this point, and took her to Jarrod to have him help me evaluate the damage.

There was a lot of blood, and we couldn’t get a good view of things. And who does one call when in distress? Their mother. So I called mine.

Now my parents and their phones... where should I start? (my siblings are groaning with me right now) Well, they like to turn off their phones for relaxation or an afternoon cat nap. Hey, I can’t blame them, but the problem comes when they forget to turn the phones back ON for DAY’S! Examples? O.k. My dad will turn the phone off so that it won’t wake my mom while she is napping (very kind, sweet husband) and then he goes to work the next day, forgetting to turn on the phones.

And then everyone and their dog are trying to call her and no one can get through. Mom is at home thinking “this is so nice to have peace and quiet” Or “why hasn’t anyone called me for days? Doesn’t anyone love me?” (more the first than the last) And then I’m required to go in and check on mom by the rest of the family to make sure she hasn’t fallen or some other catastrophe. Not that I mind checking on her, I just know that she is just fine, and probably secretly knows that my dad has turned off the phone and is enjoying her solitude.

Don’t even get me started on their cell phones!!

Back to Belle. I ran to the phone to require of my moms assistance, and what did it do? Ring... and ring... and ring. Did I mention they don’t have voice mail?
And ring... and ring... and ring. Finally, “Hello?” She asks unknowingly.

“Why don’t you ever answer your phone?!” I yell at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Belle” -sob - “tooth” mumble mumble “lip” sob- mumble “bleeding”.

“I’ll be right there.” She assures me, and I begin to calm down.
Little did I know she didn’t understand a word I said. It made sense in my head!

Mom wasn’t able to get a good look both when she got there, and proceeded to call our dentist -who is also our bishop -who happened to be driving by our street when Mom called his cell. He came and evaluated and prescribed, and all was made well, except my tender feelings that were distraught at the thought of Belle’s wound being caused by me being a klutz.

The pictures don’t do it justice. I think her lip was about twice this size.

And then about a week later her lip was almost completely healed in time for Zac’s wedding. All you could see was a little shadow were the scar was.


Mariam said...

Ohhh, I am so sorry for you and Belle. And, welcome to the club of klutzy moms. My first fall with a baby was at girls camp with Lizzy, she was only a month old. I fell and she skinned her little tiny nose. I still feel bad about it.

Kids do bounce back quickly, and they seem to forgive us. I am glad that little Belle is all right.

(BTW- YAAAA! a complete blog! I was going through withdraws)

Alida B. said...

OMGosh! Poor, Poor Belle. That looked so painful!!!

Peay Family said...

Yes, I'm still laughing to myself how mom described your hysterics on the phone. :) You have a great Bishop and J-rod is a quick thinker! Don't be hard on yourself, you're just a mom!! :)