Monday, February 9, 2009

Camo the pup

Oops. I promised Mariam and Lizzy I would blog about this a few days ago!

We got a new puppy. We decided to get Carter his first dog as a Christmas present. He is a ‘Pom-Chi’ a Pomeranian- Chihuahua hybrid. Carter was so excited he almost cried. We named him Camo Bear (‘Camo’ as in camouflage, and ‘Bear’ because Carter had picked out the name ‘Camo’ for his first dog, but when we got Camo, he looked just like a bear cub, and still does. So instead of changing the name we added to it.) Well, it’s been roughly two months, and he is essentially my dog. But that’s o.k. he’s a cutie.

Belle really likes to crawl into bed with him. She thinks it’s her kennel too. They really are partners in crime. She lets him out any chance she gets… and then they run for it.
Don’t feel too sorry for him, he’s gotten to be clever, and he can hold his own.


Mariam said...

What a cutie. He doesn't look too much like Kirby though, so Kirby's breed remains a mystery.
I think all dogs become mom's dog, you know we are the alpha B***H.
What is it with kids and kennels. They love to play in them.

Miss M said...

Miriam, did you just say B**H???? My jaw just fell off. ha ha ha.

That is a cute dog and I especially like that Belle gets in the cage with him. Have fun with your newest child that will NEVER grow up.

Peay Family said...

Hey, T. I just tagged you! :) See my lastest post :) xoxo