Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About 4 months ago...

Me- “Hun, have you seen Belle’s new shirt.” Asked while searching through every nook and cranny in the house.

Him- “What new shirt?” I think he has permanent amnesia, or this is just a tactic to get out of helping me look for a shirt because he ‘doesn’t know’ what it looks like.

Me- “The one on sale at K-Mart for $4. It’s long sleeved and has princesses on the front.” I especially liked it because of it’s long sleeves, since it was winter at the time. “I remember she was playing with the new cloths I got her, but I can’t find that one.”

Him- “I haven’t seen it. Did you look in her room or in her toys?”

Oh, ya! (note sarcasm) Her room, or with her toys! Why hadn’t I thought of that????

That was about the extent of that conversation.

I was starting to think I was crazy. ‘Did I even buy it?’ I wondered. I remembered worrying about the white front and how Belle is stain prone, maybe I decided not to get it.

Fast-forward to yesterday.

Belle was playing with a collapsible cooler we have in our pantry. It has a strap, you see, there for it must be a purse for Belle- I’m sure is her thinking. Walking by her disarray on the floor my eye catches something pink and white from inside the cooler. Her shirt that is long sleeved.

Perfect for the middle of June right?

Here are some pictures of her in her new shirt. (because I know Grandma likes them... and because I think she is cute.)

Ya, I’ve been trying something new with her hair. But because it’s like mine, we have to round brush it and flat iron it, like mine. She’s really is good about it all.


*KasSha* said...

I cant believe how big she has gotten!!! She is soo adorable! Her hair has gotten long too! Sooooo cute!

The Perkins Family said...

Oh! Beautiful, beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!! Wow! Loved the story too!

Peay Family said...

I don't even do that much with MY hair. She's a sport, bless her adorable heart :)

Grandma B said...

You are right. I love the pictures. And why do you straighten her beautiful curls. I never could people who straighten curly hair. However she is beautiful whether her hair is straight or curly. Love you all