Thursday, June 18, 2009

She’ll be comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes. Whoot Whoot!!

We all have one of these, right? When we are cooking in the kitchen, hurried trying to appease the ravaging beasts (ya, I mean beasts. Have you seen my kids when they are hungry?? Beasts.) least I be their meal. -o.k. it’s not that bad, but it makes for some crazy chaos.

The other night I was cooking dinner. I usually am all over the kitchen, going to the fridge, or to the pantry, then to chop something on this counter, or over to the other cupboard to get a measuring cup. Belle is usually right under foot for the whole process asking, “What are you looking for, Mommy? What’s that for, Mommy? Can I see, Mommy?”

But on this particular day I was mostly at the stove, and the one counter by it fixing dinner with my back to the fridge. I hadn’t really even noticed Belle's absence. I just assumed she was with her dad in the other room. When I did turn around, what did I find?

She was singing a cute little song to go with it. Something like, ‘This is my train’ over and over. She likes to line things up, and she always calls it ‘her train’. What can I say we are a Rail-Road family.


Miss M said...

I like the mike n' ikes. Who would have thought to keep them in the fridge?

Peay Family said...

Hilarious! :) That's awesome

Terésa said...

I think she was eating them at the time, ya right before dinner, I know.

The Perkins Family said...

Pepto Bismol in the fridge? Hmm...May have to try that one. Love the pics!!