Tuesday, June 29, 2010

24hrs in MY life…

I got this idea from my friends blog here.

June 28th
12am- I snuggle down to watch one of my favorite home improvement shows. (I’m a night owl, what can I say)

12:18- J appears around the corner with Belle who has woken up.

12:19- Belle and I snuggle down to watch my show

12:30- Belle is back asleep, and I take her to her bed.

2:36- Belle wakes me from a DEEP sleep.  She want’s to snuggle again, and I’m too groggy to put her to bed.

3:30- J gets out of bed to use the ‘loo’ and I jump on the chance to roll out of bed with Belle and not waking her put her were she belongs.

4:40- J’s alarm goes off.

4:50- J’s alarm goes off again.

6:30- Luna’s turn for the ‘Loo’

8:13- I realize I forgot to make J a lunch, and text him to say sorry.

9:47- My dad calls to ask if I will go with him to the ‘hair supply store’ so he can get some shampoo he is out of.

10:11- Belle has an 'accident' and decides nude is the better option for the day.

12:38- J texts me telling me he loves me.

1:11pm- After struggling all morning, I finally get out of the house and head to Wal-Mart for some necessities we are out of.

1:20pm- Belle and I stop to get a soda and the local Sinclair.

1:28pm- I spill all 44oz. of my soda on the floor of my van… and I haven’t even left the Sinclair parking lot.

2:00- I head back home to clean the mess... and I give up on Wal-mart. Belle asks ‘Are you done crying, Mom?’

2:15- I call my dad to tell him to meet me at the supply store.  He offers to take Belle and me to ice-cream frist.

2:38- Belle tells me, “I can’t wait to hug Grandpa.” on our way to the ma and pa ice-cream parlor we frequent.

3:21- I stop at my mom and dads to get a few groceries I would have gotten at Wal-mat.  There are perks to living less than a mile away from the parents... especially on days like these.

5:15pm- Dinner is done, Carter is home from his friends, and I sit with Belle outside while she plays in her ‘shark pool’ and beet up slip n-slide.

6:31 I clean the kitchen trying to listen to Dr. Laura (it's not working) hoping I can get on the computer soon.

8:00- I sit to watch some reality in the sanctuary of my room… door shut, not locked, but shut.

9:30- Kids are in bed, and I finally get to sit at the computer to make a ‘button’ for my sisters blog.

11:30- Still working on sisters button.

12:00am- Finishing up a post for my blog.



cannwin said...

That sounds like a rotten night! And I think you stay up entirely to late.

I would be crying to if I spilled that much soda in the car. It always happens that when you decide to do a 24 hour post your day is crazy. I wonder if every day is crazy it's just more noticeable when you're keeping track. :)

tmspeaker said...

Oh, I know I stay up too late. I just really enjoy the quite house, and being able to do what I want. :D I actually decided to do the 24hr post AFTER the day I had. If you have a bad day, you might as well blog about it, right? ;)

Amanda said...

That made me sleepy. My favorite part was when Uncle Grant said, "Hair Supply Store." I can totally hear him saying that.

Rachel said...

Wow, snazzy commenting stuff :) I feel so old fashioned, but SO GRATEFUL for the button and that a little bit of time in your day was spent on me. xoxox Hope the next day is better :)

tmspeaker said...

I had fun making it. :D I'm not sure how I like the commenting stuff... I'll have to see if I'm going to keep it.

tmspeaker said...

He is a product snob too. HAS TO have Paul Mitchel. lol

Cindi said...

I am your newest follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Thank you for following me too. :)
Have a great week.
Best wishes,

Chubby Cheeks Thinks said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm following you back!


Angiewith3 said...

lol it's funny when we write stuff down from our day and look at it and think "how did I get all that done" I'm following you from blog hop friday. Stop by when you get a chance: www.luvsavingmoney.com I'm follower number 25

Momswordforit said...

Thanks for stopping by and following from the Blog Hop! I am now following you! I enjoyed reading about your day... that was a HUGE 'pop' (I'm Canadian!)!!

lanni @ dandygiveaway.blogspot.com said...

hi! following you from the bloghop -- great blog :)