Sunday, June 13, 2010

Possible Intervention May Be Required.

Dear Crafty Blogs that I follow,

Could you please stop with the endless 'give aways' every other post? I have tried to win, but even if it were rigged, I still don't think I could pull it off. They are like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit, showing me cute things that if I were a bit more crafty I could accomplish.  Please go back to showing me crafts.

I love crafts, but could you speak to me in more layman's terms?  Don't tell me "run a gathering stitch down the center line".  This just requires me to ask my TOP crafty/sewing real life friend Mariam what the heck a gathering stitch is "It's the stitch I showed you when we did ______ project."  Just tell me "Set your stitch length to the longest stitch".  I get that.

Could you keep the crafts that need power tools down to a minimum?  That would be great.

Even though I LOVE all the other crafty blogs you have on your side bar(s) would you stop adding to them?  I can't stop myself from looking at "just one more" and then, I get lost on the blogger web.... Is there a limit to how many blogs one can follow?  I think I'm reaching the limit, and if you would just stop recommending other blogs to me, I might be able to get this under control.

My last final request is that you stop making it look so easy?  So that if I only had the supplies I too could recreate the wonderfulness (yes it is a word) that you did.  Could you just tell me, "It was REALLY hard," or "Don't even TRY that one", so I don't go days and days thinking how cute that idea would be on the wall above my couch, or in Belle's room, or how it will blow my sisters mind when I give it to her for Christmas.  Just tell me "Find something cheep at Wal-mart" so I can sleep at night.

Thanks So Much!

Your Devoted Follower,


Mariam said...

HAHAHHAHAHA!!! And Amen sister. I hear you loud and clear. Especially about the give-aways. When I see them I am always disappointed. And I have also found myself sitting in an endless cycle of "just one more blog" while my brain slowly turns to mush.

Hang in there you will get the terminology. It is like learning a second language.

Rachel said...

ROFL that was awesome :) BTW, my walls don't have room for more wonderfulness to hang, so that saves you a few ideas for Christmas. I'm thinking a movie theater gift card :) just sayin'