Friday, July 16, 2010

20 Things you don’t know about me.

(ok, some of you might)

1. As soon as I log on the internet, I check US and catch up on the latest celebrity gossip.

2. I hate doing dishes, but love a clean kitchen.

3. My first memory is of a Christmas when I was 2-ish, and my sis got a makeup kit… but I don’t remember what I got.

4. I want to go back to collage. For fun. And I don’t want to pay for it… or get grades.

5. I like my hair longer in the front than in the back if it is short.

6. I have agoraphobia, and it is worse on cloudy days.

7. I want to take ballroom dancing classes with my hubby.

8. I prefer flip-flops to any other form of foot wear.

9. If I’m reading a book, and I can’t handle the suspense, I will read ahead and spoil the ending so I can relax.

10. Usually when ever someone asks me advice, I always think ‘what would Dr. Laura say’ and give that answer.

11. I read self help books, but get bored and rarely finish them.

12. I have been off any form of birth control for 3 years, but can’t get prego.

13. I highlighted my own hair last week.

14.  I can read a book over and over, but will only watch a movie once.  Even if I liked it a lot.*

15. When I text it kills me not to answer back.  Even if it is clear no response is needed.
Hands on cellphone typing SMS by NexgenStock.
16. I’m extremely jealous of my sister in law (good thing she doesn’t read this)

17. I regret not getting a professional photographer for our wedding.

18. I have insulin resistance.

19. I find it easier to text with acrylic nails on.

20. I always put the laundry in the dryer, but for some reason, I can’t ever remember to put the towels in, and some times they sit in the washer for days and start to smell so I have to rewash them.

*Except for my favorite movies based from Jane Austen’s novels.


Sami said...

I knew the one about suspenseful books! I also could have assumed the flip flop one, and since I remember your addiction to Dr. Laura from ions ago, I'm not at all surprised!
You should have mentioned the retarded way you eat certain foods! I can kid, because you know, I do it too!

Rachel said...

At least you HAVE pictures from your wedding...AND you never know who reads this ;)