Friday, July 16, 2010

Ok. Now that you know more about me care if I purge a little?

… verbally that is.

What better way to follow up a get to know me post with a random off the top of my head post, right?

First off, Jarrod is leaving for 5 WEEKS to go train agents at a different sight for his company.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’m really happy for him, and excited.  It’s a great opportunity to flex his leadership muscles in his new position he was promoted to.  I would hear about other friends and family who’s husbands would leave for less periods of time than this, and my heart would ache for them.  I know how hard it is to be without your hubby… maybe the reality hasn’t hit yet, but I’m pretty numb about it. Not to mention he will miss our yearly family vacation... and my 30th B-day.  I wish I had my sisters in-laws. Then I could send the kids off and go on a mini-vaca. :)

Second, C.J. is back from scout camp.  I missed him sooooo much!!  He has been gone off and on all summer, I feel like I hardly get him back before he is off again.  But for now he is home and safe.  And the sweetest words a mom can hear from a pubescent 12yo?  “I missed you so much, mom.”

Third (and slightly more personal) Is EVERYONE pregnant?? Everyone but me that is and my sister.  I have the sweetest brother.  He and his wife were telling me and my sister how it has to be a sign of the times because everyone they know is/was pregnant… we‘re talking baby after baby.  That Heavenly Father was ‘opening the flood gates’ (for lack of a better term).  They went on to prove their point by telling us that they got pregnant not even a month after she was off her birth control.  My sister (can’t get pregnant because of an effect from her hubby having chemotherapy to fight off his cancer) and I (just can’t get prego… don‘t know why) just stared at them… I think my mouth might have been open… I distinctly remember there being crickets chirping… ok maybe not the crickets.
When I say I have the sweetest brother I didn’t mean it sarcastic… a little oblivious, but the sweetest still.  So, when I hear about another ‘flood gate’ opening (that sounds so wrong, sorry) I furrow my brow a little… o.k and some times I cry.
I have a dear friend who has gone through the pain I have x10.  I really shouldn’t complain, because she suffered more, longer.  But she is a great sounding board for me, telling me to have faith, and in short, ‘Be happy’.
For the most part I am.  Am so grateful for the two munchkins I do have.  And my husband always looking on the lighter side says, ‘Hey, we’ll be 44 when Belle is out of the house, then we can travel’.  Sounds good to me.


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

There are just never words to make you "feel better" about it, especially when you want it so bad, especially when well-meaning people say things...I'm sorry Teresa. good luck over the next five weeks! My fave part about them being so long: it's almost like your honey moon when they get back! hee hee

Miss M said...

5 Weeks is a long time, and you can do it. The first couple of weeks are the hardest bcs you don't have a routine yet, but once that passes, it all slips into place. You can do it T. You have a very supportive family and they are nearby to help. You can totally do it. I feel your pain and longings T. Hang in there friend. One of the tender mercies of the Lord is he blesses you with peace.

(and it's okay to complain every once in a while. If you didn't, it just wouldn't be normal.)

Rachel said...

Awww, thanks, sis. I know you can do this 5 week thing :) You'll just have to come visit me!! And, we can be NOT PREGO together :) But if you ever get pregnant again, I promise I'll totally not be mad, ever!! :) xoxox

Housewife Bliss said...

I know the feeling, hang in there my darling, with each day that passes, there is one less to wait for. Thanks for popping over and following Housewife Bliss, looking forward to getting to know you better. All the best, Coryanne