Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, Dear Daddy

Do you ever write a whole blog post and then decide it’s too long and then end up scratching the whole thing?  I did… I gave up on it.  I told my new little post that it was bad, and not so little anymore, and had to go to the ‘untitled document’ file where all the other bad- never published blog post go. Bad, bad blog post.

But I couldn't stop thinking of this post.  I can’t stop thinking about how relevant it is to my life right now.  Isn’t that supposed to be what I post about on my blog? Stuff that is relevant to my life? So I went back to the ‘untitled document’ file.  I got out my sad discarded blog post, and petted it (edited it) and showed it some love.  So here it is the post I wrote for Monday…

July 19th 2010,

Well, Jarrod leaves tomorrow.  Last time I posted about him leaving I was feeling a little numb.  Today, I’m feeling quite… apprehensive?  As soon as we found out about his leaving, I new the one who would be the most affected by it would be Belle.  She is a daddy’s girl.  When ever anything goes wrong in her day, her first question is, “when will my daddy be home?  I want my daddy.”  As soon as he is home she is by his side like glue.  Playing with him, lining her toys around him, watching what ever sport he is watching cheering right along with him. He is her #1.  

On Saturday the day after we found out he would be leaving I was doing hair at my parents home. (When I was pregnant with Belle, and decided that I was going to be a SAHM, my parents were remodeling their basement, and decided to add a wet station for me to do hair from.)  Belle was tired, and in need of a nap.  I was working on my sister (luckily, I would have been mortified if it was a client) and Belle hit her wall- like most 3yo do- going 90.

First, she wet her pants. After I made her take her pants off, and realizing the pants optional look wasn’t an option with a house full of family, I looked for an old t-shirt in my dad’s closet and made her a makeshift dress.

Second, she declared she was hungry. Not an easy fix when I’m up to my elbows in perm solution, and Nanny is sick laying down. 

Third, and most significant, she came to the conclusion that she was done. tired. and wanted a  nap. Not a unusual thing for her.  When she reaches her limit she will tell you.  Generally with an “I just can’t TAKE IT anymore!”  Once she has come to that point there is no going back.  One needs to just help her to her bed as soon as possible.  BUT, it has to be HER bed, with HER ‘squishy’ baby, and Her ‘Tinker Bell blanky’.

So here I am like Edward Scissor-Hands, perming, coloring cutting (yes I know he didn’t color, or perm, but imagine hair flying and me working away) with my little ankle bitter (that’s what she felt like) crying and begging/pleading that she wanted to ‘go home’ and ‘see daddy’. With not a soul in the house able to sooth her.

Were WAS her dear daddy?  At our house completely oblivious to all of this with his cell phone accidentally (and not usually) left in the car, and the house phone turned off (that was my fault, I turn the phone off at nap time when I lay down with Belle, but I had forgotten to turn it on.)

As my sister sat processing her color for 45min. I had time to run Belle up the street to our home.  As soon as we walked in the door, she ran strait to her daddy, and all was made right with the world.


Rachel said...

Awwww :-)

gaelikaa said...

Daddies are great like that. They make everything right.

gaelikaa said...

ps dropped in from SITS. Love your blog...

Debbi said...

Awwww, that is so sweet! I hope she gets through daddy being gone. I don't know where he went but is skype an option? Stopping by from SITS!