Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's Memories

The bambinos and I went down to see Jarrod this weekend (by the way he is coming home this week for good!… until he gets sent off again) where he has been in a different city training agents for the company he works for.  Well, this town just happened to be the city I spent the first years of my life in until I was nine, and we moved.

Driving around my ’home’ town, showing my kids the house I used to live in, and the parks we played in, well it brought back… memories.  Giving me a prompt for my blog, hence the post title ‘Monday’s Memories’. Part of the reason I started to blog was for journaling-type purposes. And what better way to start off my new Monday theme ‘Monday’s Memories’ than with one of my first memories, all be it a short one.

It was back in Dec. 1982, when I was barely 2. We were at a family Christmas party on my dads side of the family. I don’t remember who’s house we were at. I remember a few members of his family there Grandpa, Grandma, and my Aunt Sharon. I don’t remember the specifics, like who else was all there, but I do think it was BEFORE Christmas maybe Christmas Eve because I don’t remember having any other presents yet and it was night.

O.k. for the memory itself… Rachel (my sister who is two years older) had gotten this cute makeup kit from aunt Sharon. I can see it perfectly in my head to this day. It was white, and heart shaped, with flavored pink and red lip glosses, cream blush, and sparkly cream eye-shadow. Little wands to apply the waxy (why do kids like that stuff??) contents, and a mirror, who can forget the mirror?  Rachel was never really a girly girl. But when she saw my reaction to her present she did what any young girl with a little sister would do… she played with it… in front of me, relishing the pain she caused me as she slowly and meticulously applied the makeup. All while I sat anxiously, envying, practically drooling close by.  After I articulated to my parents about the injustice of it all… as well as a two year old can, Rachel did begrudgingly pat my lips with a finger swipe of gloss, while complaining that is was HER present and she shouldn't have to share. 

What did I get from Aunt Sharron??  



I think it was a doll  (I'm sure it was something good though. She always gave the best presents. I still have the Barbie furniture she hand-made for me.)

That’s right.  I can’t remember what I got, even though I can describe in detail Rachel’s present. 

Hey, I never promised to have a GREAT memory! 

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Rachel said...

Um, okay, I think you MIGHT have overexaggerated just a tad :) because I have absolutely NO recollection of this :) besides, it sounds nothing like me ;) lol!!!