Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 years /4 stories: Story #3

I was ailing yet again with another migraine. Carter with his constant desire to take care of his mom implored me to lay down. He would watch his sister-- for the first time.

Not in any shape to argue, or even any mental ability to think about the possible consequences, I succumbed to my bed, leaving Thing One (9), and Thing Two(1½) to fend for themselves. About two hours later, my migraine ebbing, and waking from my respite I found this.

Belle and C.J. have always had an… unique relationship. He is her protector/tormentor her friend/rival and her educator/pawn.  He teaches her to spit, blow bubbles with gum, and play tennis on the Wii. He ballroom dances with her while on his knees, twirling her and dipping her, making her feel like a real princess. He chases her, and growls at her. He lets her put clips in his hair. He stuffs her in boxes.  He dunks her in the pool. But one thing is sure… He loves his sister.



Mariam said...

There is nothing like sibling love(/hate). I love it when my kids love each other, but when they fight....uggghhhh.
C is so good to B, they are very cute together.

Miss M said...

They look like cute friends. AND what a great son. He was willing to let you recover, kind of, from your migraine. Those beasts are nasty.

Okay, story 4.

Cannwin said...

Is that a pair of pants he's tied around her chest?!

Kids are so cute!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the pic with her sweatshirt tied on her :) lol He's a great big brother!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I always wanted a big brother. I hope Belle knows how good she has it! :)