Monday, September 27, 2010

8 questions x 2 ...Part 1

I’ve been tagged! And what is better than a fellow blogger tagging YOU? Picking YOU and 7 others out of all the other bloggers in the world?  Wanting to hear YOUR answers? Having TWO bloggers tag you THAT'S what is better!! (I think they probably couldn’t think of any others and has to pick a filler) ;) But I’m oh so happy to oblige!!

So how you play is you answer the eight questions they ask, and then tag 8 others, and ask 8 new questions.

So here is the first set. From Sami at her blog here.

 1. Do you collect anything?  What is it?  If not, do you WISH you did? 

I collect trinket boxes. It was something I started collecting when my Grandma started her travels around the world. I would implore her to bring me back a trinket box, from her far off destination. Now, I’ll ask friends and family to humor me. My first one was given to me by my friend Mariam loooooong ago.  My last one was from my little bro and his wife on their honeymoon to Mexico. They want to know what I wanted in return for my help at their wedding (and being Janice’s personal stylist that day). That was the only thing I wanted. :-)

2. What room in your house would you most like to remodel?  Would your answer change if someone else was paying for it?

Well, I’m renting right now, so it’s not my house to remodel. If I could it would be the kitchen. It’s not bad, and it’s functional, but the pantry needs fixed, new cabinets, counter tops and flooring. I would add a bar to the one end that has useless space, and I would add a sliding door where there is only currently a window.
3. What is your LEAST favorite chore?  Do you hate it enough to get a maid to do it, or are you too anal for that?

My least favorite chore? Like as in ONE?? Well, if I had to pick one it would be washing walls. It's probably my least favorite because I did it today. Tomorrow will be laundry.
4. Have you ever broken a bone?  What, and how?

I have broken lots of bones. Proof positive I’m a klutz. 

Youngest brake: I was 5 in my back yard with a neighborhood friend on my families trampoline. When we were done jumping we realized the ladder to get off the tramp was across the yard at the apricot tree. He told me to go get it. I refused. I informed him that he as the gentleman should get it for ME. He retorted that it was my house and I should get it. He pushed me off the tramp, my arm landed on the sprinkler.

My mom said I never cried, and stormed into the house carrying my visibly broken arm, "Look what Nick did!!"

Worse brake: when I broke my ankle in the growth plate, and had to have it pinned, and then have the pins taken out. 

Most recent brake: about 6 months before Belle was a flutter in my tummy I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. I didn’t take any time off work, and worked in a walking cast. Yeah, I’m that cool.
 5. Music.  Do you have a go-to album that you play to get you motivated, or do you just blare the radio, and pray that something peppy comes on?

I usually blare the radio. But my all time favorite c.d. that always gets me in a good mood, is Journey the greatest hits. Jarrod proposed with Journey playing in the background. I teas him that he knew I would say yes because Journey was playing.  Or, ABBA's greatest hits. I LOOOOOOVE  ABBA
6. How do you keep track of your schedule?  Old fashioned calendar?  Set alerts on your phone?  Fly by the seat of your pants, and pray you don't forget a Parent/Teacher conference?

It’s a 40/60 mixture of fly by the seat of my pants, and set the alerts on my phone.
7. Cooking, baking, or neither?

Baking for sure.
8. Are you brand name specific, or are generics just as good?  What is one product you would NEVER replace with a generic brand?

Are we talking food still? My mom is/was a brand name snob. My sister tells me generics are just as good, and she can’t tell a difference. On baking goods I stay with the name brand. 

If we aren't talking food, I think generic brands are more than better... because I can't afford name brands ;-)

Part two stay tuned…


Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Oh my golly! I can't believe you've had that many breaks! Ouch!!! And I am so there with you on ABBA!!!

Sami said...

I knew you were a klutz, but I had no idea how bad it was! I've only ever had a chip fracture in my ankle, aside from surgical breaking of my sternum.
I think it's funny that you said Journey and Abba! I love Journey, and the Mama Mia soundtrack is my go to album when I need to clean the house. Combine that with the freakish way we both eat Kit Kats, and it's like we were separated at birth!

EarthAngel said...

What are these things you call CDs?