Tuesday, September 28, 2010

8 questions x2: part 2

Here is the second part to the questions I was tagged. Evelyn tagged me on her blog here.  

1. Did you swear you'd never do something when you became a parent and now find yourself doing? Fess up.

This is a tough one... I can’t remember stuff from last week, let alone disgruntled thoughts from childhood. I think I remember thinking ‘If my kids want more than one glass of milk at dinner I will let them’ and I do. Oh! I thought of one! My mom used to put us all to bed then revel in her alone time as she popped some popcorn and watched a movie. If I happened to wake up and wanted to share in her repose, she would hastily send me back to bed pledging that if I ate before bed I would have nightmares. I may or may not do that... ;)

2. If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Chocolate. Milk. Vinegar and oil salad.

3. Retell your worst dating experience.

I was dating a guy in high school. We were going on a group date during summer break. A sort of last hurrah before the school year started. He (the then boyfriend, we’ll call him D- for dufus) So D was still friends with an ex-girlfriend of his. He still had feelings for her and felt badly for the way they broke up (I didn‘t know any of this ‘till later). D insisted she double with one of my guy friends on our group date.  Lets just say it didn’t end well-- the date or the relationship with D.

4. What was the most recent thing that made you cry?

Having to think of my answer for question #3!! Kidding... probably my blog post about J-rods mom passing.It's still something that is very hard for everyone in our family to talk about, and my heart aches knowing that Belle wont have a chance to get to know her... until much later.

5. Favorite childhood memory. Go!

It’s probably one of my earliest memories too, but my brother Mack, my sister Rachel and I took a big box my mom had and cut it out and decorated it to look like a t.v. and then we would do puppet shows for our parents. I wonder if they remember it...

6. What piece of advice have you received that you will NEVER forget? Good or bad.

Pee often... Before and after sex to avoid bladder infections. It was given at a friends bridal shower, from a different friends mom. I have followed it, and to date it has proven true! ;)TMI???

7. You're driving, approaching an intersection and the light is yellow. What do you do? Would your answer change if your kids weren't in the back seats? Would your answer change if your mother-in-law was in the passenger seat?

I would speed up. Same if my kids were in the back. Belle often squeals with delight when I speed up (not the reason I speed if I do though!) If my mother in law or my mother were in the passenger seat on the other hand I would slow down.

8. What do you do to keep your eye on the prize when it all just gets to be too much?

I have learned through the last few years that in this life we aren’t meant to just live, it‘s not enough. We are asked to “endure well” our trials. So when a trial(s) rears it’s ugly head I ask myself am I enduring this? Or am I enduring this well? And I-- to the best of my understanding- try to endure it well. I think a lot of people (including myself at times) don’t understand the difference of ’enduring well’ and just ’enduring’, but I’ve come to learn that it isn’t just suffering though and living through a specific trial. It’s learning something from it and growing from it. 

 O.k. now it’s my turn. I tag:

1. Rachel
2. Mariam
3. Melissa
4. Shontell
5. Jacque

6. Teresa T.
7. Jonnie
8. Sheigh

Here are your questions:

1. What is your guilty pleasure when you are home alone and no one to see?
2. What is your favorite movie from your kids selection? One you don’t mind sitting to watch with them.
3. If you could remodel any room in your house and have someone else pay for it what room would it be?
4. What reality show would you most likely be on?
5. Do you have a go to person that you tell everything to? (other than your husband) Why do you go to that person?
6. What is the story/ meaning behind your child’s first name? Or if you don’t have kids, what is a name you have picked out, and why?
7. How many purses do you own? How often do you change them?
8. What is the most expensive article of clothing you have (other than jewelry) Where do you wear it and do you wear it often?

Aaaaaand go!!
(I know you are all totally stoked) ;)


Rachel said...

I TOTALLY remember the TV box!! :) That was while we lived in Beaver. Do you remember the submarine Mom helped us make out of the fridge box?? It had a working telescope and everyting! Thanks for the tag, too. I guess I better do something about that :)

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Ooo! I like your number 6 question. Good one! Thanks for playing! may or may not? hee hee

Sami said...

I think it's totally hilarious that you used the "pee often" advice. I almost used that when I was tagged, but worried it would be too much information. Pretty sure we didn't hear it from the same person, but it is sure true!

Nizar labai said...

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