Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello.... Is this thing on??

Well, I have about 7.6 minutes left before this Caillou episode is over, and Belle will demanding my attention elsewhere. So what does a typical mom do when she has 7 er 6.4 minutes to herself? Well, blog of course. Or if she is like me of late, catch up on some of my fave blogs.

The last few months have been consuming to say the least. Jarrod was in a car accident back in Oct. Then came the new year. And then I became sick. And sicker. (Yes, that is a sentence.)

Finally, after much persuasion from my family I decided to go see the doctor. But before I went, I did a little of my on self diagnosing. (I think I should be the next 'House' a.k.a. a diagnostician... but that is another post.) So I got on web MD and started entering in my symptoms...

Extreme fatigue.
Frequent urination.
Severe Nausea.
And pain in the back were the kidneys are located.

'Kidney infection' pops up first. Ahha!! I was right!

But I cant go on without giving a little back story...

4 years ago, Jarrod and I decided to go off birth control. I had the deep maternal desire to have another baby. I want to have another one close to Belle so that she would have a playmate and partner in crime.

The 'trying' phase began. Months of months of hope came crashing down in heartbreak. Months of false alarms, missed and late periods, hopes and prayers, started to weigh on me emotionally. And then months turned into years.

I would break down in tears nearly every time I heard of someone else becoming pregnant. I questioned so much. I wondered if there was something wrong with me, physically, spiritually. Those were dark days, with not much rationally thinking.

Heartbreak turned into bitterness. Bitterness into frustration. Frustration into resolve. And after 4 years resolve was well on its way to content.

I started thinking about the possibilities of the slight freedom that I would have once Belle started school. I could work again. Maybe go back to school. Because life goes on, right? I had my boy and girl after all. Some haven't even been blessed with as much.

Now enter present day... er to the Dr. appointment.

I go in still incredibly sick, on the verge of having to grab a toilet, and my back hurting so bad I cant stand. I tell him all the symptoms... "oh, and my periods late." He perked up then, and I saw the look on his face. I recognized it similar to the hope and curiosity that I used to feel float across my face years before I became quite a bit jaded. Boy is he barking up the wrong tree I thought.

He continued the exam with almost a smug indifference. I mean how could a 'housewife' diagnose herself with something as rare as a kidney infection. No, pregnancy (to him) is much more probable. But, I! I was not so easily fooled. In fact gone were the days that I even kept track of my cycle. And I couldn't even recall the first day of my last very fickle cycle started! And he left the room to check on the results of BOTH tests.

He returned with visible signs of surprise. "You do, indeed have a kidney infection." Well, that explains the surprise~ I thought. He didn't seem to believe me so he must be surprised I knew- "AND your pregnant."

He could have slapped me and not caught me more off guard. 

Apparently the symptoms of the kidney infection had masked the signs of the early stage of pregnancy.

We are so excited and feel so blessed, but if I'm being completely honest, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this. I am starting into my second trimester now, and the 'Night (not morning) Sickness' doesn't rear its ugly head quite so much, and I'm starting to feel the little one move.

And around Oct. 27th I'm going to be a mommy of 3.


Alida B. said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and your family! It's nice to see you blogging again, too. :)

Cannwin said...

Oh great story! I'm terrible at guessing pregnancies too. When I was prego with my 3rd child I took 3! tests and all came out negative, but I was sooooo sick that I finally went in to my OBGYN and said, "If I'm not pregnant, I'm dying."

Luckily I was pregnant.


And now that you've talked about your period on your blog I totally feel okay discussing mine. phew!

Miss M said...

That is some GREAT news!!! I love that you nailed the kidney infections. Way to go Dr.Speaker. Funny thing, I know exactly what you were talking about with the hoping for pregnancy part. Oye, the roller coaster of emotions.

Rachel said...

Such a good story!! I love reading your stories :) Oh, and I'm excited about the news, but I was just waiting for you to tell everyone so I could talk about it too!! So excited!!