Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SHAMFULLY over due

Remember how I posted here that I never win anything? Well I won! An end to a loosing streak? I hope so! Over at Symmetry in Motion she does a contest on the 15th of the month. She has cleverly named it Quince Quote.

And here are the fruits of my labors!
I got this bowl full of goodies along with a copy of the movie 'Beaches' (the movie that the quote was from) on my doorstep on Monday... uh... last week.  Oops! Sorry it took me so long to post, Sami!

 I stole the pic of the bowl from her facebook she posted because I couldn't get a good pic with my camera. But it is by far my most favorite part! I just love it. Thanks so much Sami!! 

Oh, and the look on my husbands face when I told him I won this from a blog I follow? Just icing on the cake! So head over there, follow her, participate in her give-away, and you wont be sorry! I just knew my useless retention of one-liners from movies would come in handy... one day!


Sami said...

Awesome! So glad you liked it, and thanks so much for posting about your winnings! I love having new people participate, so hopefully this will steer a few Quince Quote newbies my way...

Rachel said...

That's awesome!! :) LOVE the bowl!

jessica said...

Yea you! Maybe your luck could rub off on me.